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Very satisfied Canadian customer: My husband surprised me this year with my own Mud Bog truck. I was more than thrilled but the truck was not nice looking at all. It was primer grey, silver & beige. I searched and searched online for a company that sold camo stencils. I came across that sold magnetic camo stencils! I e-mailed the company asking them if they would be interested in sponsoring me the shipping to Canada. I received an e-mail from Warren (Diz) wishing to speak with me. He called me and instead of sponsoring the shipping Diz sponsored me the camo kit & shipping. I was super excited when the kit arrived that I started painting my truck. I didn’t want my truck to blend into the surroundings I wanted it to stand out in the mud pits. I did the basecoat in dark purple and then used the lime green & light purple for the magnetic stencils. I loved how these kits were user friendly and the amazing results you get. An awesome do it yourself product! I love how my truck looks and I have received many compliments and had people thinking that the camo pattern was decals or stickers. They were amazed that it was painted. I recommend this company and product to anyone wanting to make their vehicle blend in or stand out.

-Tammy L. Canada

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