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Digital Camo, Traditional Camo, Military Camouflage Patterns and Army Camo for Hunting Trucks, 4 Wheelers and ATVs

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1. Do the stencil sheets have to be a lined perfectly with the sheet you sprayed before?

No. You can line the following sheets with the first one but it is not necessary. By mixing the position of the sheets will give the pattern your own individual look.

2. What should I do if the paint gets scratched from off road use?

Follow the instructions and paint right over it again.

3. What if I want to change colors because I’m going to a different hunting area?

Change it! You can paint right over the other colors. First, start with washing the vehicle and follow the instructions like the first time.

4. Is there a specific way or what is the best way to clean your vehicle after it is painted, to maintain the best results?

The best way to clean your vehicle is to hand wash it with soap and water or a car wash detergent. Power washing is too harsh.

5. How long do you have to wait for the paint to dry before using your vehicle?

You may drive your vehicle as soon as the paint manufacturer’s suggested drying time.

6. What kind of spray paint do you recommend using (i.e. matte, gloss, any brand specifics)?

Recommended paints for a hunting vehicle would be flat or satin finishes. This eliminates the glare off the vehicle so the game won’t be suspicious. These paints go on thinner and tend to dry quicker with less build up on the sheets. Enamel paints can be used, however; they are thick, take much longer to dry. I do have customers that use bright colors in their patterns (Pinks, Oranges, Whites, etc.) to show off their rides on the streets.

7. Should I accidentally spray one of the vehicle’s windows and/or chrome on the vehicle, what do you recommend using to remove the paint?

If you should happen to have over spray of the windows or chrome bumper removal is simple. Wait until it is dry, so not to cause smearing, and gently buff with a mild scrounge pad using soap and water.

8. Do you recommend or do I need to use any type of sealant or top coat over the paint?

You can use a top coat of sealing however, it is not needed. The original intent of this paint design system is to be able to touch up or redo the camouflage paint when ever needed or desired.

9. How will the weather affect the results?

Weather has normal effect on the paint after it is dried and set. Proper prepping of the vehicle before painting is the key! Prepping instructions come with each kit.

10. Where is the best place to paint the truck, to allow it to dry while keeping it protected from weather and other outside elements?

The vehicle needs to be painted in a well ventilated area and free from wind as much as possible. The more wind you have blowing the more over spray you will have. AVOID breathing in the spray vapors!! Follow all manufactures warning and cautions.

11. What size are the stencils?

The sheets are 17.5 inches x 23.5 inches. They come with three over spray strips to help keep the pattern neater.

12. How do you clean the stencils after use?

Lay the stencil on a flat surface and wipe with a cloth using the manufacturers suggested cleaning solutions and safety precautions. Do not soak stencil for any length of time. Soaking the stencil will cause the material to break down.

13. Do you have any how-to videos on how the product is used?

We are working on videos now and I hope to have it on this site, as well as Youtube and Facebook, soon. Each kit also comes with step-by-step instructions.

14. We live in a marsh area and are looking for something with marsh grass, needle rush or corn; do you have any stencils for these designs?

We do currently have a marsh grass pattern available in large and standard sizes!

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