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Saved Thousands

Hi Warren, thanks for getting my camouflage kit to me fast. I will send you my pics before and after. I did my tailgate and it looks good – really good. It’s cold now so I can’t do anything. It’s a little hard to get it in some of the curves but when it’s all […]

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Very satisfied Canadian customer: My husband surprised me this year with my own Mud Bog truck. I was more than thrilled but the truck was not nice looking at all. It was primer grey, silver & beige. I searched and searched online for a company that sold camo stencils. I came across that sold […]

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Custom Camousine (Camouflage Limousine)

“Was an old family car and I bought it because when we would all go out and eat on Saturday or Sunday everybody could not fit in a Tahoe. I went to Louisiana and drove it back to a little town in Texas called Pearland and wow the looks I got driving back! The windows […]

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They are a great company run by a retired Marine!

They are a great company run by a retired Marine!  Support the troops, old and young!  This a great company.  The CEO, Warren Disbrow (Diz) at can supply you with many camo stenciling variations and supplies.  And the service is personal.  You don’t have to go crazy like me and do an entire vehicle….you name it, […]

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Great Product!

I did the paint job a little different.  The base coat is over blue OEM paint so i sanded and sprayed with light grey primer with sealer mixed in.  Then the stencils were can sprayed with SEM medium grey and flat black with my broken stencils I repaired (thanks for the repair tips).  I have gotten so many […]

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The stencils were great!

“The stencils were great! In hindsight, maybe I should have ordered the small pattern, though. This Cherokee has lots of contours on the body that made the large stencil almost too big. I still think it turned out great! … Does this kind of job ever get done?! I keep looking at it and think, I […]

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Thanks for the fast ship!

Thanks for the fast ship. I’m really excited about camoing my Jeep! I’ve been plotting and plotting on how to do it, and your product just looks so darned easy! We’ll see! –Brian C.

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I am a satisfied customer!

…thank you for your great stencil kit. I wanted to paint a digital camo design on my truck and thought a magnetic stencil would be a good idea, doing some searching I found you had already done it! This truck has a 500+ hp supercharged LS engine swap but aging factory paint and I spruced […]

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Very Easy!

I did this in about 3 hours from start to finish.  Was very easy! I used a light pink color and then camo brown. Thanks for the Stencils! -Amber P.

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Budget Friendly!

I was actually just doing a Google search of “digital camo pattern” or something like that and a link to one of the video ads on youtube came up.  It may have been the one on the beach, but that’s how I found it.  I used to have a white Dakota similar to the one […]

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