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The Team of Truck Stencils

Warren Disbrow – Owner / Founder

Article from DUDE Magazine:

Warren “Diz” Disbrow is an avid hunter has a real passion for the outdoors and loves the Natural World. He is a South Carolina Hunter Safety Instructor, Qualified Master Naturalist from Clemson University and he runs the logistics for the Parris Island Deer Reduction Program working with the Game Warden and South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. He also is a retired Marine of 22 years of service as a Master Sergeant. Most deer don’t stand a chance with this DUDE, as he took the bronze medal in the Eastern Regional Division Matches. At his retirement, he was the Maintenance Chief at the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.

DIZCO Ltd Co has a great concept that will surely help all you outdoor hunters and fishermen. The idea started when Ole “DIZ” was in the woods and realized how animals and birds can easily pick out the shine of a vehicle, boat, duck blind or anything else that you take in the woods with you. The solution is a CAMO STENCIL that can easily attach itself to whatever you want camouflaged. Use this stencil with flat colored paints, such as black, greens, browns and grays. This makes your truck, atv, boat, duck blind or anything else blend right in with the natural habitat and it’s fun doing it to boot. This without a doubt has to be the most cost effective ways to camo anything you have DUDE. The stencil is light weight and very easy to install and reinstall, while spraying right on top of the pattern. Maybe the best thing about it is, once you have it, it is reusable and you can end up camouflaging everything you’ve got. You might want to clear it with your wife before you start doing parts of your house DUDE!
Starting in June, “DIZ” will have 3 different ads running on The Sportsman Channel. Look for his commercials on Wednesdays and Fridays in the 7pm to 12am time slots and early mornings on Saturday and Sunday. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up sponsoring a few of those syndicated hunting shows seen on weekend mornings.
This father-daughter team is thinking big DUDES. They have two new patterns being developed as we speak; a digital pattern and an upland grass pattern. DIZCO already has big time customers in England and in Australia and it seems the Sky’s The Limit for this great concept. I told him people that don’t even hunt or fish might like it, as it can be used on anything imaginable. “DIZ” told us of this DUDETTE, that has painted her truck camo but used pink, blue and purple paint to make for a real cool DUDETTE look.








All DUDES out there love CAMO.  That’s why we have Camo everything; signs, shirts, hats, golf balls, cigars, underwear?  You name it, we’re going to have DUDE CAMO on it.  Before the year is out, we’ll have our DUDE STORE up and running on our website where you can get your very own DUDE GEAR.

Well nobody knows CAMO like our good buddy Master Sergeant (Ret) Warren DIZ Disbrow.  Many of you long time followers of DUDE know DIZ has his own company,  Being the avid outdoorsman and naturalist, DIZ created a self camouflaging stencil to paint your pick up truck with, so Mr. Buck can’t see you when you park your truck in the woods.  Deer have keen eye sight and they will pick up on shimmers and shines that come from polished paint and chrome bumpers.  I’m sure you’ve seen several trucks around Beaufort County that have been self camoed via the DIZ system.  Did you see those DUDES in the Christmas parade?

DIZ really had no idea what would become of this creation, but as a Marine he had given it his all as you can imagine.  It has been nice to see the progression of his Self Camouflaging stencils over the year and half I’ve known him.  You need to go to his updated website; and check out how far this country boy has come.  Seems DUDES want to camouflage more than just their trucks as he came to find out.  Boats for duck hunters and wildlife photographers need camouflaged.  Duck blinds themselves, some more elaborate that others, also need camouflaged.  Four wheelers and ATV’s that hunters use to get deep in the back woods also are in need.  Give a DUDE a Disbrow Camo Stencil and they’re liable to camo anything.  Walls in their Man Cave perhaps?!  I swear I saw his daughter, Aubrey had her guitar camouflaged, but with pink, purple and blue.  It looks pretty cool DUDE.

Once DIZ realized that DUDES will camo about damn near anything he realized, especially being a Marine, that their are different types of camo.  Since it’s inception, DIZ now has three different types of camo patterns; the original (army wintergreen, black and brown), the dessert storm digital pattern (sand tans and browns in the digital form) and the latest, the marsh grass/ upland grass pattern (various greens and browns with a little yellow mixed in).  There are six more that will be ready by first of April.  So depending on what environment you are trying to be stealthy in, depends on which pattern you are likely to choose.  I’ll be honest with you, I think they are all pretty COOL DUDE, but the woodlands on a duck hunting boat is very sporty indeed.  Of course you can play with different colors for different looks.  Hey how about doing your little DUDE’s bedroom?  Better check with MOM first.  The stencils come in two different sizes for obvious reasons like doing a duck blind vs your four wheeler/atv.

DUDES love to put stencils/stickers on their pick up trucks.  I’ve seen fish, deer, ducks and duck heads, turkeys, shrimp and a wide variety of other animals.  DIZ has come up with some stencils of these DUDE things, so you can just go ahead and paint them on your truck rather than worry about some sticker that will fade or come off when you wash it several times.  One of newest ideas that I just love and I know DUDES are going to start doing it, stencils of bucks they’ve shot this particular season.  You know like TOP GUNS that have planes/jet images painted on the side of their jets for how many (kills) they shot down, well now DUDES can put stencils of the number and kind of bucks they shot over a given period of time.  DIZ has designed all versions to show the specifics of the type buck you shot; button head, 4, 6, 8 or even 10 pointer.  What a great way to show off to other DUDES how many deer you have bagged and tagged!  Will some DUDES put some on their trucks and lie?  Ya think?!  Fishermen lie, so do hunters.

The number one question DIZ always gets asked, DUDE, once I self-camouflage my whatever, I’m pretty much stuck with it, right? WRONG!  DIZ has several international customers from Australia, Canada, Switzerland and even bloody England where he met this DUDE.  Through this relationship with this engineering chap, they have come up with Permanent Removable Paint to do your camouflaging.  Huh, what?  That’s right, DIZ now has Permanent Removable Paint in a wide variety of natural outdoor colors that come in spray cans, quarts or by the gallon.  This patented paint will stay on your whatever as long as you want it to, however if you need to go back to your original paint for whatever reason, they have a patented paint remover that will take your camo paint off, leaving your original paint in tact and in the same condition as when you started.  Pretty amazing DUDE!  The paint is thick and will actually protect your original paint and it is EPA friendly and has no MSDA’s.  This paint will be great for your guns and bows as well.

So the next time you think CAMO, think DUDE, I need to get me some of those Master Sergeant Disbrow stencils and some of that removable paint.  DIZ is going to an inventors expo where he’ll be interviewed by the DUDES from the TV show The Shark Tank, he’s also going to be at various sportsmen shows, like the Palmetto Sportsmen Classic and various other venues and I even just voted for him on Wal-Mart’s Put It On The Shelf contest.  Soon we’ll be saying, I remember him when he was a poor ole country boy from Beaufort.  GET R DONE DUDE!

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