Use Truck Stencils and Learn How to Paint Camouflage

Digital Camo, Traditional Camo, Military Camouflage Patterns and Army Camo for Hunting Trucks, 4 Wheelers and ATVs

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About Truck Stencils Products

Camo Truck Stencils

Is a do-it-yourself, patented invention that uses a set of magnetic painting stencils that allows a hunter to paint a camouflage design on his or her pickup truck or hunting vehicle so it is unnoticeable to game.


Product’s benefits, unique qualities, and advantages

  • Cost saving
  • Light weight
  • Easy to install and reinstall on a vehicle
  • Time Saver – Time not wasted on tape off and cutting the pattern. The pattern is already cut for you!
  • Reusable
  • Spray right on top of the pattern.
  • Selection of multiple patterns for different environmental and countryside areas
  • Less paint used, less waste
  • Less over-spray
  • Neater looking project
  • Easy storage


How is this product different or unique?

First off, I know of no other product that this is comparable to.  My research team has not found any either.
There are some methods of achieving the similar results.

  • Method #1: Hiring a professional auto painter
  1. Professional auto painting is very expensive. You will have to pay for all the labor and material. It will run in the thousands of dollars do to multiple paint colors.
  2. You will have to work around their schedule and be out of a vehicle in the mean time.
  3. Not many professionals will stop their work load to tie up the paint bays for the long time of painting one vehicle.
  • Method #2: Brush on paint scheme
  1. You can achieve painting your own vehicle however, it will have an undesirable look and quality.
  2. Messy process.
  3. Harder clean up.
  • Method #3: Permanent stickers
  1. More expensive.
  2. Much harder to install properly.
  3. Permanent stickers are not really permanent. When they have to be replaced or fixed it is still expensive.



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