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Use Truck Stencils and Learn How to Paint Camouflage

Digital Camo, Traditional Camo, Military Camouflage Patterns and Army Camo for Hunting Trucks, 4 Wheelers and ATVs

Boat Stencils available too!
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Before/After Truck Stencils
Camo Truck Stencil Shirt
New Tree Bark Camo Stencil Pattern
Motorcycles look great with camo too!
Duck Camo Limousine - Marsh Grass
Muddy Truck
Dodge Ram Truck with Duck Camo Pattern (Marsh Grass Camo)
Camaro SS with Digital Camo Paint
Pink Camo
Desert Digi Camouflage
Before Truck Stencils©
After Truck Stencils©
Do It Yourself Truck Camouflage
Marsh Grass Painted Duck Boat
Great for Events
Or hunting and staying hidden
Do It Yourself Truck Camouflage
New Digital Camo Pattern

The Story Behind the Invention

I am an avid hunter. Going through the woods and brush,  regularly painted vehicles and vehicle wraps shine and are easily spotted by humans, let alone deer and other game. Also, going through these areas can damage the finish of the vehicle.

My idea was to paint my vehicle camouflage to help reduce the ability of game spotting my vehicle and spooking them off. Stealth is very important to all types of game hunting.

The conventional way of hand painting a vehicle camouflage is very time consuming, tedious and takes a lot of materials. Hiring a professional auto painter was way out of the question with the cost, time, labor and materials being astronomical.

I wanted to come up with a way the average person could camouflage their own vehicle and/or equipment easily and at very little cost, yet be functional and “Naturally Aesthetic”.

International shipping from the United States of America is available including to France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Japan, and in Africa among other worldwide locations.

Two Sizes to Choose From!

Now in addition to offering several styles, Truck Stencils is available in two different sized packages.

Large Size

This is the easiest way to camo paint your truck, boat, or large vehicle / item. Each sheet (measuring 17.5″ x 23.5″) covers more area so less applications must be made. The product is available in many styles and new patterns are being worked on even now. Browse our selection of large camouflage painting kits and feel free to ask us about upcoming products.

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Standard Size

If you are looking to camouflage your ATV, 4 wheeler, mule, golf cart, or other small vehicle, this is the pattern size for you. The camo pattern is identical to the larger kits, but is sized smaller (measuring 8″X11″) to camo your all terrain vehicle. This kit is also useful for trimwork on your truck or hunting vehicle if you are not interested in camouflaging your whole truck.

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Before Truck Stencils© Before Truck Stencils© Before Truck Stencils© Before Truck Stencils©

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New Tree Bark Stencil Pattern

Order our tree bark stencil kit and blend in like never before!
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Hunting Trophy Stencils

This is a way to brag (or Lie) to your buddies of what game you have taken during the season.
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This Product is Proudly Made in the USA
Leaf Patterns Now Available